The Kinship Creative

A great deal of blood, sweat, and countless late nights has gone into Salt City Emporium, because the love for entrepreneurship is the fire in our belly, so much so, that we created and devoted an entire additional company to small business growth, a sister company; backed by a strong marketing and business background, but most importantly the willingness to hustle and grind it out, The Kinship Creative was born.  

Throughout the four years of SCE, our small team documented the journey, risked it all at times, failed and succeeded, all with the intent of creating a road map for small to mid-level entrepreneurs who know their industry, but lack a strong understanding of marketing in this increasingly digital world.  

While advertising is important, it's not actually marketing, it's a tactic.  The Kinship Creative is designed to present education, design executable annual marketing opportunities with metrics, independent consultations, branding, and websites for those who know they need it, but is not their strength, or budgets are a factor.  (Is that ever not a factor?)  

Most importantly, Salt City Emporium is a small business, built by it's customers, we just connect the dots in the background, and frankly can't thank you enough.  We hope you know that it's not just us you are supporting, it's the many small businesses we reach through The Kinship Creative as well.

We aren't for the faint of heart, it's work and not just about a pretty Instagram feed, but it's because we so badly want you to succeed that we stick it out in the trenches with you.